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    Our Cuisine

    Come in and join us for a sumptious meal or a delightful coffee, we have a great selection to choose from.
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Our Menu 2022

Day Menu

Main street Breakfast $25.50
bacon, eggs, hash brown, sausages, tomato, mushrooms and poached eggs.
Served with toasted ciabatta

Savouries Omelette $25.50
Ham, Cheese, Tomato, Onion and Egg, Served
with Toasted Ciabatta breads, and Hashbrown.

Eggs Benedict $25.50
Toasted ciabatta with soft poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and pea tendrill.
Served with choice of either salmon or bacon

Veggie Benny (GF V) $22.50
Hashbrown topped with spinach, avodaco, tomato,
soft poached eggs, hollandaise and pea tendrill.

Hot Cakes $19.50 
Bacons, banana, and hot cakes served with maple syrup

Breakfast Bap $19.50
Bacon, cheese, avodado, fried egg, smoked BBQ sauce and lettuce.

Eggs on Toast $17.50
Toasted ciabatta with choice of soft poached or scrambled eggs with tomato.
Gluten free toast $2.00 extra

Toast and Spreads $12.50 
3 slices of white bread/grain toasted and served with either
Jam, honey, marmalade or peanut butter.

Open Steak sandwich $29.50
prime beef Steak with fresh greens, caramelized onions, tomato, mushrooms, cheese,
hollandaise sauce and mayonnaise on toasted Vienna. Served with a side of fries.

Beer Battered Fish Chips $25.50 
Fresh Fish in a crispy beer batter served with a fresh garden salad,
fries, lemon wedge and tartare sauce.

Wedges $22.50
Wedges topped with Bacon and Cheese. served with sour cream, chilli sauce.

Nachos $22.50
Corn Chips topped with mince, salsa, cheese served with sour cream or chilli sauce.

B.L.A.T $22.50
Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, and Tomato served on Vienna.

Vegetarian Salad $25.50
Fresh mesclun salad with pumpkin, caramelized onion, creamy feta,
candied cashes and basil pesto. Topped with crispy kumara chards.

Beef Salad $25.50
Prime Beef slice marinated in satay flavours served on mesclun salad with mango, cherry tomato,
cucumber and black sesame seeds. Topped with crispy kumara chards and salad dressing.

Chicken Salad $25.50
Chicken served on fresh mesclun salad, creamy feta, apple slices, cherry tomato
and candied cashew nuts with honey mustard dressing.

Potato and Chorizo (GF) $25.50
Pan Fried seasoned potato with bacon, Chorizo, wilted spinach, caramelized onions and cherry tomatoes.
Served with poached egg, hollandaise and basil pesto.

Chicken Burger $25.50
Herb and chilli marinated chicken served with pineapple, tomato bacon, brie, sweet Apricot chilli sauce
and mayo on toasted burger buns with fries and tomato sauce. 

Beef Burger $25.50
Prime beef pattie, fried egg, Cheese, tomato, lettuce, caramelized onions,
BBQ sauce and mayo served with fries and tomato sauce.


Toasted Sandwiches served with Salad

Ham Cheese Pineapple. $17.50

Ham Cheese Onion. $17.50

Bacon and Egg. $17.50

Ham Cheese Tomato. $17.50

Chicken Avocado and Cheese. $17.50

Chicken Cranberry and Cheese. $17.50



Fries  $15.50 (Large), $12.50 (small)
A bowl of fries served with tomato sauce or aioli sauce.

Seafood Lovers $25.00
Mixed prawn twister, crumbed prawns, mini battered fish, prawn roll,
crumbed mussels, crabsticks, crumbed squid rings or calamari rings
served with tomato sauce and garlic aoli or seafood sauce.


Kids Meals

Chicken Nuggets and Chips  $12.50

Sausages and Chips $12.50

Cheese toastie and Chips $12.50





Berry  $8.50

Fijoa and Apple $8.50

Banana $8.50

Lemon and Lime $8.50

Tropical $8.50

Mango $8.50

Peach $8.50


Ice tea

Lemon Honey Ginger  $7.50

Mango $7.50

Peach $7.50

Lemon $7.50



Tea or Herbal Tea  $5.80



Ice coffee  $8.50

Ice chocolate $8.50

Ice Mocacino $8.50

Extra coffee syrup or Alternative Milk $1.00

Fluffy $4.00


Coffee Small Medium Medium
Flat White $5.00 $5.80 $6.50
Latte $5.00 $5.80 $6.50
Chai Latte $5.00 $5.80 $6.50
Spiced Latte $5.00 $5.80 $6.50
Mochaccino $5.00 $5.80 $6.50
Hot Chocolate $5.00 $5.80 $6.50
Cappuccino $5.00 $5.80 $6.50
Macchiato $5.00 $5.50 $6.50
Long Black $5.00 $5.50 $6.20
Americano $5.00 $5.50 $6.20